World Book Day Costumes

I was invited to celebrate World Book Day.  Also can be found here


You are Alice in Wonderland.

Fall through your reflection and appear

Blue dress and ribbon in your hair.

It’s easy to make it a reality-


Because you are Sherlock Holmes

And you solved the mystery of where to find the deerstalker

How to hold the magnifying glass;

You traced footsteps and sought the answer.


You are Katniss Everdeen

Willpower so strong your eyes are wild with


Brain inspired with vivid description brought to life.


You are homemade.

A Ron Weasley with drawn on freckles

A Romeo with a pretend poison bottle

A hobbit that’s a little too tall.


You stuck it all together, so-


That amongst the Where’s Wallys

Beside Harry Potter

You are your hero:

For a day.