In Matthew’s Gospel we are told that Joseph took Mary and Jesus to Egypt, to escape Herod. This is what this poem’s about. Merry Christmas!

“When he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt.”


I am holding my child as we run.

Early morning hours

Early morning mist

You, beside me, and we are quiet

Running for a dream

We don’t quite understand

We only have fear.


You hold yourself upright

And I am proud, the way you lead

Me and my son to safety

You are scared, you don’t pretend

And I am thankful I never have to

Navigate this sand without you



We cross them so carefully

I feel older than I ever have done

With memories and recollections

Worry ragging at my soul

Crisscrossed horizons

Scatter our skyline

Arranging my path to hope

We are running

But soon we are free.


I am not alone.