This is a poem I wrote for the Young Teen Fiction Book Award in Staffordshire. Want to know more about the Young Teen Fiction Award? Here is some information!



Words printed in their typed script.


Articles say teenagers

Never do anything useful,

Living through heartbreak that’s not even our own.


But surely it’s beautiful,

Snapping our way through tears and chapters

Page numbers, cover art, authors’ names

Obsessive love for characters.


Screens say Teenagers

Never do anything useful.



We read through fiction

Like thunder

Veins raised in blue mountains

Excitement developed in each syllable.

We remember sentences

Waking up to relish in words

In dreamy early morning hours

When everything is faded with sleep


Media mutters


Never do anything useful.”



We are empowered

By imagery

Laden with discovery

Library corners

Final pages

That tear out our souls

And leave us broken.

We remember endings

And beginnings.

Impressions on our brain.


Tell us Teenagers

Never do anything useful?

We read.



The Young Teen Fiction Award promotional poster is available here.

Feel free to use and distribute as you wish – and get nominating!